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Creating print magazines in the Age of the Internet

COW Blogs : Ron Lindeboom's Blog : Creating print magazines in the Age of the Internet

It always strikes me as odd that here we are in 2008, still relying on print to communicate many of the same ideas that are found in-depth on the web.


Is the immediacy of the web -- along its powerful information sources like Google and (to name just two) -- simply not enough?

Tim Wilson and I talk about this phenomenon from time-to-time and we think that it's one that shows why Creative COW Magazine has become so popular among its readership; a readership that grows daily and is already equal to that of many magazines that have had decades of lead on us. The same phenomenon is also seen in the book series of Harry Potter. (Are we saying that we are like Harry? We wish!)  It's funny that people cite today's young as suffering Attention Deficit Disorder and that they are so saturated with "TV Mindset" that they can't keep their focus long enough to read anything. But Harry Potter has outsold everything else in its generation and is the biggest selling book series of all time.

The point?

Give readers something worth reading and they will read it. Make it of value and they will hold onto it.

We get letters over and over again from teachers and readers who tell us that they keep every issue we make. We are honored by their words and are grateful that they recognize the work that goes into an issue of Creative COW Magazine.

We believe that the COW is full of great people and stories and it's our job to sift through the overwhelming "mountain of information" that is and present it to our readers in a logical flow of information that is of value to our readers. We don't just back up a dump-truck and drop a mountain in their yard. We work hard to take a concept and dig down into an idea and explore the idea in ways that our readers will draw benefit from.

The COW is a wealth of information and it can be quite overwhelming to people, at times. By exploring definitive concepts in print in Creative COW Magazine, we give our readers something worth reading that is more than the "here's a box with a knob and what the knob does on the box" journalism. Sure, there are times that we get technical but we try to make the technical within the scope of the concept being explored. 

So, for those of you who write us or call and ask: "Why do you make magazines? They are a thing of the past." -- there's your answer.

Oh, and thanks again to all of you who take the time to write us and give us your feedback. We really do appreciate your time and reply.

Best always,

Ron Lindeboom 



Save a, no thanks
by Mike Cohen

My tiny condo mailbox is filled on a daily basis with untold waste. Honestly, how many womens' underwear catalogs do we need?

Keep em coming!

Seriously...people like to say printed magazines are a waste of paper and we should read things electronically.

I don't know who these "people" are. I can't take wikipedia on a cross country flight, and I certainly am not going to curl up on the sofa with my laptop to read the latest issue of my favorite magazine. I receive the electronic editions of several trade magazines, but that is beside the point.

How many times have you the reader of this post found yourself fast asleep, with whatever book or periodical you are reading splayed out on the floor? I for one am not prepared to let a $1700 laptop fall on the floor if I happen to doze off while reading.

The reason books are so popular is that reading uses all the senses, not just the eyes. The tactile sensation of turning pages, the texture and weight of the paper, the smell of the ink (or the smell of Grandma's basement in the case of those old National Geographics she once gave me), the weight of the book itself, the ability to highlight or make notes, the ability to slide a business card, scrap of paper, paperclip, actual bookmark or a dinner napkin into the book to save your place...even dare I say it the ease of ripping out a page to file away or mail to a friend...these are all the touchy feely reasons why people like to read things printed on paper.

Keep the magazines coming.


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