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Wow, one day's iPhone sales crashes Apple's server farm with over 650,000 orders in 24 hours

COW Blogs : Ron Lindeboom's Blog : Wow, one day's iPhone sales crashes Apple's server farm with over 650,000 orders in 24 hours
I knew that the new iPhone 4 was going to be a winner the moment I saw it. I thought to myself: "Hey, even Tim Wilson's going to end up getting one of these." That's saying something, because even though Tim has been a fan of the iPhone, in principle, he also has resisted the iPhone siren call because as he says: "It runs on AT&T, doesn't it?"

But not even AT&T could stop the irrepressible Mister Wilson from getting in line at his local AT&T store for Day One of pre-orders for the new iPhone 4. (Man, he must have had his skin crawling as he stood there!) But the iPhone 4 looks to be *that* cool, and about 650,000 pre-orders in 24 hours on the first day -- enough to crash Apple's servers due to the heavy load -- attests that many others agree.

Will many others argue ad nauseum that the iPhone sucks for this reason and that reason? Undoubtedly, and they can have their opinion while they justify using phones far less fun because they point to AT&T or other reasons.

Who cares what the naysayers think? I sure don't.

I'm walking around with my desktop office machine, my iPhone, my iPad, all synced through the cloud -- with each having much of the same exact stuff on all of them. Yes, it's "Cloud Computing v1.0," but it's quite compelling and is what I hoped computers would be like one day.

But hey, we only went for the WiFi iPads because, as Tim Wilson will soon learn and to which we always say: "One AT&T account is quite enough, thank you."

Posted by: Ronald Lindeboom on Jun 17, 2010 at 7:23:53 amComments (7) Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Cloud Computing


@Tim Wilson's comments
by Ron Lindeboom
Tim Wilson said: "Seriously, I can't wait....but I must. I'll let you know how it turns out."

Oh, and he will indeed let us know.

You can bank on that, dear Martha.

Re: Wow, one day's iPhone sales crashes Apple's server farm with over 650,000 orders in 24 hours
by Tim Wilson
Yes, I've finally heeded the Sirens' call. Of course, the Sirens called sailors to their doom!

When Apple's servers crashed, our local store started entering orders by hand. Even though the store only stayed open until 8, the manager told me that they were there until midnight trying to catch up!

Along the way, alas, they made a couple of mistakes with my order. plainly says that any orders placed after Day 1 will be fulfilled the first week of July, rather than June 24. I can only hope that my local store will do a little better...but we'll see.

This better be worth it! LOL

Seriously, I can't wait....but I must. I'll let you know how it turns out.
@Mitch: why I hate AT&T's poor service
by Ron Lindeboom
I am not disputing a single item of what you are saying, Mitch.


I do not travel internationally and here in California where I live, there are entire cities here in the county of San Luis Obispo that cannot support AT&T users because there is no signal.

I pay for a cell phone (as does Kathlyn) which we cannot hardly use at home. We can use it in many of the areas but not at home and not in the cities I mentioned.

To me, that is more of an issue than the points you bring up.

Also, while the AT&T backbone enjoys a backbone that allows simultaneous voice and data, it is also built on the PCS system that allows for just about anything to get in the way of a good signal. It is weak and the reason we cannot use it here at home. Our Verizon friends get a great signal at our house. Our Cellular One friends also get great reception. Other systems work here, as well. Only the two PCS systems are out to lunch -- Sprint and AT&T.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each. But to be quite honest, as both Kathlyn and I, as well as my sister, and some others I know like to joke: we didn't know what a dropped call was until we got onto AT&T.

But as I said Mitch, I don't have your requirements or demands on a cell phone. I'd just like one that didn't sound like talking through tin-foil here at my house and could work in the city where most of our children and grandchildren live.

It's been a while since I sipped wine with a woman who was not my wife in a country that was not my home. ;o)

Good to see you still popping into this community after all these years, Mitch. It's great to see you still a part of this so many years later.
Re: @Mitch: why I hate AT&T's poor service
by Mitch Ives
Great to converse with you too Ron. I'm on the COW everyday, I just don't always post.

I'd really like to hear why the coverage is so bad there. I have a reason there's more to the story.

I live adjacent to the Scottsdale AirPark. Massive concentration of office buildings and people during the day. Also has the TPC golf course and HorseWorld, and six car auctions (simultaneously) so many events during the year, all placing great demands on all the cel networks.

Some years ago when AT&T was having some minor issues, they tried to expand the network in the area. They ran into lots of roadblocks, and we're not CA, where they invented political and environmental roadblocks. Once the citizens found out that additional towers kept getting declined, we put some serious pressure on local officials, and the towers went up. They're hidden inside church crosses, building structures... one even looks like a Saguaro cactus... with none in the residential areas. The network works great now.

AT&T is now setting up a low power network in the surrounding neighborhoods that's tied into the internet backbone. Data will be routed to that faster network, leaving the traditional cel network for voice. Very forward thinking stuff. Tiny little add-on to the top of street lights. We all got involved to make sure it was safe and wouldn't diminish property values or the pristine look of Scottsdale, where we require all power lines be underground.

I suspect that if you looked into it, there's something keeping AT&T from getting that area covered properly. You could probably get it cured quick, if you got the residents motivated...

As far as my use, I travel all over the country doing production. Canada and Hawaii as well. My iPhone seems to work everywhere, but then I haven't visited you... :-). No network is perfect, but I'm certain that when Verizon gets the iPhone, and some serious data traffic, that people won't be so hard on AT&T anymore, because they'll have something to compare to. Verizon's 3G network is so slow NOW, that I can load a page twice in the time it takes my friends to load it once on their Verizon phones. When Verizon is flooded with iPhones, it'll only get worse.

Seriously, I think you could correct this if you got involved. I hope you're using the AT&T "Mark the Spot" app so you can send the results of any problems directly to AT&T? I had Verizon for some time, damn near had to sue them once, so I can attest to their lousy service. I've never had AT&T get me to the point of calling an attorney (which I never do)... just my $.02.

For the record, I don't own any AT&T stock, I don't know anyone that works with AT&T, and I'm certain that they don't know me either, so there's no vested interest... just need a phone that I can count on.

My best to you and Kathlyn... and Tim, who I've respected since before his Boris days

Mitch Ives
Insight Productions Corp.
Re: Blog: Wow, one day's iPhone sales crashes Apple's server farm with over 650,000 orders in 24 hours
by Mitch Ives
Hi Ron,

You know, as someone that has had a cel phone for 26 years now, I've had a lot of experience with various phones and networks. I always find it amusing that people have an issue with AT&T. The assumption is that somehow some other network will be better with an iPhone. Verizon is frequently mentioned, since it's the only other significant carrier here in the U.S. You're kidding me right? Verizon uses the prehistoric CDMA network... a network that is incapable of allowing simultaneous voice and data... in the 21st century.

A network that made my phone mostly useless outside the U.S. I could never use my phone in Canada, in spite of many attempts. I tried to use it in Mexico once. You had to give them two weeks notice, and when I got there, nothing. A trip to their Mexican affiliate assured me that he could have it working... three days after I left.

With AT&T I never had to even notify them I was traveling abroad. Touched down in London... BlackBerry worked. My iPhone rang at the top of a hill in Tuscany, while I was watching the sun set with a glass of red wine (and an equally stunning Italian woman). It just works. Used it all over Italy, England and Ireland. Here locally, if I had a nickel for every time I've had to hand my iPhone to somebody else to use, because their "insert your favorite network name" phone couldn't get any coverage, I could retire.

Yes, I know that network quality varies around the country, and yes I know that Verizon is currently using gaffer tape, bailing wire and a magician to try to figure out how to fake data and voice together. FWIW, I had Verizon for a very long time (it and its predecessors more than half of those 26 years). I couldn't wait to get rid of them. They were the last in our market to go digital. I was dropping calls at least a dozen times a day because the network was so over-subscribed.

Verizon is like an untested President. It's easy to talk about how great you're going to do, but we don't actually know until the pressure is on. Same with Verizon. I can't wait to see how their network handles all the traffic of the iPhones. It may collapse like a $2 umbrella.

People forget that Verizon was given first crack at the iPhone. The story they like to tell is that they refused to do revenue sharing with Apple. I've got $5 that says they passed because they knew their network couldn't handle all the iPhone traffic. Now, I realize that a lot has changed in the ensuing years and I'm sure they've improved their network, but I know plenty of Verizon users that aren't happy now... imagine how they'll feel when they quadruple network traffic (or worse) with iPhones. For myself, I hope a lot of people do switch to the Verizon network... it'll lighten the load for AT&T users and improve our experience... then we can see whose network really sucks...

Mitch Ives
Insight Productions Corp.
Wow, a Crackberry, eh, Mike?
by Ron Lindeboom
Is that like a Frankenberry -- or perhaps a Count Chocula? But I agree, 650,000 unit sales would make a nice DVD, wouldn't it? The mind reels at the thought!$#@#!

Re: Wow, one day's iPhone sales crashes Apple's server farm with over 650,000 orders in 24 hours
by Mike Cohen
The more I use my Crackberry, the more I think that maybe an iPhone would be useful - maybe.

Now if only 650,000 people decided that they absolutely must have our DVD on classic Hernia Procedures!

Mike Cohen


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