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ifun Pocket Cinema— The Smart Handy Projector To Meet All Your Daily Needs

COW Blogs : Ifun Pocket Cinema Blog : ifun Pocket Cinema— The Smart Handy Projector To Meet All Your Daily Needs
What if you are on the go and require someone to give business presentation? Or wondering what should be done to make your weekend awesome? Or too lazy to visit cinema theatre but want to enjoy your favorite movie on big screen at your house? If you ever encountered with these questions, then you need ifun pocket cinema which is handy smart device powered by Android 7.1. We all understand the power of Android devices and perhaps that is the reason that more than 80% of world is using Android and ifun pocket cinema perfectly uses the power of latest Android update.

As per the design lines, ifun pocket cinema is enabled with PC-level multi touch pad. The user interaction is intelligently designed to co-operate with powerful Quad Core CPU. This powerful CPU provides high speed feedback and allows the projector to respond smoothly. Not only this, but inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 enabled the projector device to interact with all devices such as speakers which eliminates the need of messy wires.
The most important feature for any projector is the projection quality and as we know that most of the brands fail to meet the standards but designed with DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, the projections are razor sharp with Blue ray display of 1080P. True colors projection, support for 4K and 150 ANSI lumen lens with 500:1 contrast ratio make any picture or video alive on canvas.

ifun pocket cinema comes with inbuilt 2GB RAM and 16 GB of ROM (Hard Disk Memory) which provide light speed processing. User can store all of his/her favorite apps and use them anywhere. For game lovers, the projector plays an important role and with powerful upgraded Quad core processor multiplayer gaming experience become smooth and intrigue.

With multi-support input ports, the ifun pocket cinema can be connected with HDMI, USB powered devices such as pen drive or Joy Sticks, Smartphones, PC’s, speakers etc. and TF cards.

High power 4000mAH lithium ion battery makes ifun pocket cinema to last 1.5 hours long without charging. For any projector of this quality, this time is considered effective till date and enough to outshine other branded projectors. Inbuilt wifi system enables this device to be used with your office or home internet. You can always stream your favorite videos, songs and browse your favorite websites for knowledge.

ifun pocket cinema supports all these features very smoothly and perhaps that is the reason that it is considered most favorable among the users in test run.

Well , i have known a great home theater projector , it’s inexpensive and with perfect effect , i think you will definitely love it very much . It’s a multifunctional and palm-size mobile projector. But you should never look down upon it . It’s definitely the new favorite with the highest cost performance of projector industry, which is of 1080P resolution ,4k video support and build-in audio system, but the price as only 1/3 as your phone. It’s named “ifun pocket cinema”.
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