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Nice Novelty Introduces Unique Pocket Cinema For Unmatched Movie Watching Experience

COW Blogs : Ifun Pocket Cinema Blog : Nice Novelty Introduces Unique Pocket Cinema For Unmatched Movie Watching Experience
Watching movies is a major source of entertainment for most of the people. Companies who are involved in this sector directly or indirectly are trying to introduce various experiences for the movie lovers. For movie aficionados, it’s time to lift up the movie watching experience as Nice Novelty introduces the latest version of projector with its new unique pocket cinema !

Unique Pocket Cinema is a smart handheld projector that offers a cinema like ambiance anytime, anywhere. The product is elegant, lightweight and portable, perfect for those who like to experience superb entertainment irrespective of places.

The palm-sized projector comes with the following unique features:
Easily Transportable: The projector can be easily put inside a hand bag and be transported anywhere because it weighs less than a kilogram.
Hi definition large screen: It is capable of projecting movies, TV shows and whatnots on a relatively huge screen – even as wide as 3 meters. The pocket cinema offers a high definition and high brightness LCD – with 150 ANSI Lumens – which provides bright, clear, and vibrant colored pictures. This is perfect even if you are watching a movie indoors or outdoors. Packing a 1080p resolution, the pocket cinema also features a one-second autofocus, presenting high resolution immediately.

Voice command remote control: What’s more, the pocket cinema model boasts of its voice command remote control, offering a free man-machine conversation. It also has a phone screen display component which flashes movies or other files directly from your smartphone.
Versatile Connectivity: The projector comes with several external ports such as HDMI In, USB, and TF card. Furthermore, the product automatically connects to WIFI and Bluetooth as soon as it’s switched on. It also features a built-in top hi-fi stereo system, ensuring an excellent and powerful sound while watching the show.

Easy Operation: The pocket cinema also features a PC level multi-touch pad, the same touchpad used on many personal computers, making it very easy to operate. With an upgraded Quad-core CPU, the performance of the device is fast and smooth.

Built-in power source: The projector can be used on the go because it’s cordless. It has a built-in power source and can last for up to 2 hours easily. Moreover, this new product is not only for watching movies and TV shows, it can also be used for playing games, listening to music, or even during business presentations in the office.

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