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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well, it's been an incredible ride so far this year: the COW has grown remarkably, with many wonderful new additions to the site, both in the infrstructure of the site itself and the people who now make this site a part of their online home — sadly, there have also been some horrible tragedies on the personal front that have brought solemnity along with the great joy that we find in building the COW.


According to Google Analytics, we will soon exceed 900,000 totally unique users a month — a staggering number when we remember that when we started building media professionals communities online back in June of 1995, we were thrilled when we went over our first 100 members. If you would like to see how the COW now compares to other magazines and web communities, you can see the comparisons online.

We have added a new MOBILE interface to the COW.  The new interface allows people that use an iPhone, a Palm Treo, a Blackberry and other 3G-capable cell phones and PDAs to surf the COW. And one of the great new features of this interface is that if you use an iPhone, it knows that you can't see our Flash-based content and so it won't display any of it to you. But for those phones and PDAs that do use Flash, you will find it available.

Franklin McMahon has returned to head the Creative COW Podcast. Franklin is a great host and his sense of humor and his ability behind the microphone are exemplary. If you have missed the podcast, check it out — there are a number of new episodes online now and also available at the Apple iTunes Store.

New enhancements have been added to both the SERVICES OFFERED directory and the EVENTS calendar. These enhancements allow our members to look up Services Offered based on your region and locale using Google Map technology, giving the Services Offered directory a usefullness that goes well beyond the previous incarnation of our directory. In our Events section, we have added a calendar interface that makes that area of the COW far more useful. Check them out, there is a new level of usefullness in each of these areas.


We have added a number of truly bad (in a good sense)servers to the COW backbone over the last few months. In fact, we have doubled the amount of bandwidth throughput that we have available to serve to our audience. Our previous capacity was comparable to 128 T-1 lines running concurrently. Now, we have the capacity of 256 T-1s running concurrently. Into this huge amount of bandwidth, we have raised the number of servers to around a dozen. Most of them are dual and quad Opterons. A number of them exceed the power we have seen in some of the most hearty video servers. We have also added a hardware load-balancing router that has enabled the COW to keep up with the huge influx of growth over the last year. We had to, as in August of 2007 we were just over 250,000 totally unique users a month according to Google Analytics. A year later, in August of 2008, we were well past 800,000 unique users a month and will soon pass 900,000. So, while some people complain about all the ads in the COW, we would like to thank our sponsors as there is no way we could do this if they were not there. So, thank you sponsors! You keep the lights on and the dairy going.


As some of you might already be aware, we lost a son and grandson on Labor Day in an automobile accident. It was quite a sad day for our family and friends. But we were very proud of Ronnie and will miss him and Caleb greatly — though we trust that life goes on. So Ronnie, I tip the ole COW baseball hat to you and Caleb and know we will meet again. Those with less hope and little trust are welcome to their beliefs, these are mine.

So that has been my Summer report.

With the best to you all,


PS: Thank you to the many friends who wrote Kathlyn and me expressing their kind thoughts to us in the last couple of weeks. Your kind words have been truly appreciated and we are grateful to be your friends in the journey.

Posted by: Ronald Lindeboom on Sep 19, 2008 at 5:20:08 pmComments (2) creative cow, family, business, blogs, health care

One of the joys of moving...

We recently moved eastward across the coast mountains, inland 30 miles or so, to the wine country of Paso Robles, California. This, after living for 20 years on the California coast in Cambria. We loved Cambria but its 340 days a year of temperatures that range no lower than about 50 degrees fahrenheit (at night), with a high of 72 degrees fahrenheit in the day -- again, for 340 days a year -- is the perfect breeding ground for mold and fungus. Did I mention that I am allergic to mold and fungus?


So, following a stressful move, we settled into our new digs in Paso Robles. We love the new digs as they are in a rural area, in an almond orchard that was planted over a hundred years ago. Paso Robles is a great town with a rich history and we really like being here.

But one of the side effects of moving has been pretty stressful...telemarketers and collections agents.

It seems like the phone company no longer keeps previously used numbers out of circulation for a while, as they once did. Now, they are thrown almost immediately back into the hat and if you are lucky -- did I mention we haven't been? -- you won't get the number of someone who just ran out on their bills. We have had two numbers so far; one, we got rid of immediately as the phone stated ringing the day that the phone company turned it on -- with harrassing calls starting soon after daybreak and going into the night. Then the next number was quiet for about a month and a month and then all of the sudden, collections agents began calling for some woman we have never even heard of. 

Unfortunately, asking to be pulled from their list hasn't worked and they've been calling for days. So, I took the numbers that have been showing up on caller-ID and have Googled them and started calling the companies after filing them with a Form 1088 complaint with the federal government. Once I told them that, they became a lot quicker to listen...

Beforehand, they didn't care and just kept asking for the woman. But when I mentioned the form 1088 filing, they become a lot more willing to talk.


Hopefully soon, Kathlyn and I can get back to enjoying the peaceful Paso Robles countryside.

Ron Lindeboom 

Posted by: Ronald Lindeboom on Jan 12, 2008 at 9:33:48 amComments (1) family


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