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A demo reel from Poland to make a Paso Robles Californian proud

One of the nice things about living in Paso Robles, California, is that in the 1930s and 40s, then world renowned Polish-born pianist and composer Ignacy Jan Paderewski made it his home and built one of the early vineyard/wineries in the area. He came here at the advice of one of his world traveling friends for the mineral rich hot springs waters in which he soaked to relieve the pains in his hands (which was destroying his ability to perform), and their medicinal effect enabled Paderewski to play for locals in the famed El Paso de Robles Hotel -- one of the only 5 star hotels in the western USA at the time.

Sadly, the wonderful "Hot Springs Hotel" as it was often called, burned down in 1940...

Over the past couple of decades, Paso Robles, due to its ties to Paderewski, instituted the annual Paderewski Festival, held in the Fall. In November of 2008, Paso Robles and Tarnów, Poland signed a sister city agreement due to their mutual historical ties to Ignacy Jan Paderewski.

With all of this said by way of introduction, I wanted to point to one of my favorite videos uploaded by one of the COW members from Poland, Michal Jaskulski's recently uploaded "Making of" video for the music video "Emily Dickinson's Much Madness," directed by Michal Jaskulski.

So, with a time-tested and boldly red wine-soaked Paso Roblan tip of the ole cow hat to our friends in Poland, here is Michal's story...

Posted by: Ronald Lindeboom on Apr 22, 2010 at 8:38:32 am COWmunications, Demo Reels, Adobe After Effects


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