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What Happened at Apple? Where did the Quality Control go?

One thing I have never minded was paying more for my Apple gear. Why? Because at the end of the day, I got a lot done with it and it nearly always did it with ease and a level of being trouble-free that our PCs rarely matched.

But something's changed over the years and when my 15" MacBook Pro with its gorgeous Retina screen died an ugly death, I bought a MacBook Air because we were moving and cash was tight because of it. Bad decision. This thing has been a pain in the arse since I first got it, with its trackpad not working much of the time. Thank goodness for those up and down arrow keys or I'd really be hosed right about now.

This is proving to be my first real throwaway Mac since Apple first introduced the graphite G4s back around the turn of the millennium and the first shipments had bad logic boards. We were in those first shipments to early adopters and it took nearly half a year for Apple to take responsibility and replace the machines.

I won't bother Apple with this one. But it has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I seriously doubt that I will buy another Apple laptop.

I have been using Android phones for years now, jumping to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from my old iPhone 4 -- having been on the iPhone since v1.0. Now, I've had a Note 4 and from there moved on to the LG V10 phone. I loved my iPads and my Mini-iPad but today I use an LG VK410 Tablet with more features than I could find on an iPad and for a lot less money.

I have loved the Apple OS for decades and still do. But I am not an Apple fanboy who thinks that Apple alone is doing great stuff.

With Apple gear, Android gear, Windows gear, and an entire network based in Linux, you learn that no one system is perfect and that each flavor has its own strengths and advantages.

Apple really surprised me when they announced their new laptops and there was not a touchscreen to be found among any of their models. Apple alone seems to have no shipping touchscreen. That baffles me because Apple's rollout of the iPhone was all about touchscreen and tactile controls. Ditto for the iPad. They even admitted this kind of thinking in the iPod Touch -- remember that one? But Apple, whose vision changed smartphones forever, seems oblivious to the very advantages that they helped introduce. Go figure...

So, when this MacBook Air finally dies an ugly death -- which I expect will be sooner than later because it really is poorly made/assembled -- I will likely be adding yet another part of my toolkit that has been Apple for decades but no longer is.

That will leave Apple on my desktop but not anywhere else. That is a strange thought because I have been on Apple gear since I bought my first Apple computer, an Apple ][e, back in the early 1980s.

Things change and not always for the better. This struggling MacBook Air is evidence of that fact.

Posted by: Ronald Lindeboom on Jan 12, 2017 at 9:21:56 am Apple, MacBook Air, Android, Windows, Linux


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