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Introducing Postgenie, an Innovative a La Carte Approach to Post-Production

Outpost Pictures introduces Postgenie(, a new web-based post-production tool that provides editors with customized shot cleanup and color grading right on the web -- no office visit necessary.

Decreasing costs of hardware and software in the film industry have made it easy for anyone to access the tools to shoot and edit a commercial, corporate communications piece, short film, or feature. What's often missing in that equation is the experience to finish a piece in a high quality manner, or even to meet broadcast, web or exhibition standards. Postgenie aims to solve that problem by providing an easy and cost effective online solution. Simply upload individual shots or an entire video to have it color-graded or retouched by talented and experienced professionals.

Chris Tomberlin, the owner of Outpost Pictures, describes Postgenie’s purpose: “We wanted to find a way to help freelancers, videographers, editorial boutiques and independent filmmakers who might feel comfortable shooting and editing but don’t have the experience, time, or tools to tackle something like color grading or retouching. We also hope that companies with in-house video departments will see it as an easy way to quickly outsource some of their more specialized tasks, or to increase capacity.” Postgenie, he explains, covers more ground than a lot of other quick-fix options. “There are a lot of plug-ins out there, but sometimes you simply need a real person to make the right choices.”

The Postgenie ( color and retouching packages exist within a tiered pricing structure to fit a variety of needs, from simple fixes to full-fledged revamping. With this launch, parent company Outpost Pictures hopes to improve the post-production pipeline for creatives on a tight deadline or a with a challenging budget.

“All agencies these days face a market shift that has allowed us to have basic video capabilities in house," says Sean Doyle, Principal at FitzMartin( "This can be a tool we use to fight the downward pressures we face from clients on pricing. Frankly those same clients often also have these same editing tools in-house. But the tools do not create good work, people with highly specialized skills do.

It’s easy to get into a bind during in-house post work. Postgenie offers FitzMartin access, in a very affordable manner, to focused help from skilled craftsman that have decades of experience. When it's time to put a final color polish on a project or fix something that went wrong in production, Postgenie is the perfect solution."

Postgenie is available now at with prices starting at $49 for retouching and $99 per finished minute for color.

About Outpost Pictures
Founded in 2000, Outpost Pictures( is a multiple Emmy® Award–winning post-production company that has built a reputation for creating inspired work in all facets of post-production, including editing, color grading, motion graphics, compositing and visual effects. Outpost Pictures provides services for national TV spots, documentaries and feature films.

For more information contact Kristi Sasser at 205-822-4060, visit or contact us at

Posted by: Chris Tomberlin on Aug 13, 2015 at 8:29:32 am edit, color

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